Girl Burns House After Parents Refuse To Make TikTok Video

Girl Burns House After Parents Refuse To Make TikTok Video

A young TIKTOK girl set fire to her own house in Pirjo Goth area of Khairpur after she was banned from making TIKTOK videos.
According to details, the incident took place in a house in Pirjo Goth area of Khairpur. The girl set the whole house on fire after her parents stopped her from making a TIKTOK video.
After the incident, the girl’s father Aziz Ahmed Khilji lodged an FIR against his own daughter. In the FIR, Aziz Ahmed took the position that his daughter had set fire to his house. He got angry and took extreme measures to set his house on fire.
After registering an FIR, the concerned police took the girl into custody and shifted her to the women’s police station. However, the name of the young TIKTOKE Rhas not been revealed yet.
Earlier, a very strange incident took place in Daska where a young TIKTOKER got ink on his face and turned into a poor man and started begging on the street.
The beggar Tick Tucker could not fool the people for long and came under the control of the patrolling police. Police recovered Pakistani currency, dollars, rials and pounds from the beggar’s pocket. Police say the young man had long been robbing citizens in the guise of a beggar.


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