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Giddh Bhoj Web Series on CinePrime App All Episodes

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View All Episodes Of Giddh Bhoj Web Series On The CinePrime App

The newest movie on the CinePrime App is Giddh Bhoj. On September 30, 2022, the web series debuted. Aliya Naaz, Suman Singh, Gourav Singh, and others are part of the cast of the Giddh Bhoj web series. Mukesh Narayan Agarwal is responsible for writing and directing this web series.

Aliya Naaz portrays a city girl who returns to her hometown in this web series after finishing her studies. This web series has so far had two episodes published. On the CinePrime App, you can stream both two episodes. This article discusses the cast, air date, plot, and online availability of the web series Giddh Bhoj.

Giddh Bhoj Web Series Story

The village serves as the setting for the Giddh Bhoj web series’ narrative. After finishing her studies, a girl goes home to her hometown. After a long absence, she finally ran into her there. The girl had undergone a complete transformation and wished to enjoy herself in the community. She enquired as to her friend’s ability to satisfy her. Her friend adores her brother.

A guy who could satisfy all of her desires was mentioned by the friend. She approaches him and has a se*xual encounter with him. A villager starts blackmailing her after filming the two of them in order for her to have a se*xual encounter with him. if she will agree to his condition, and if not, what she will do.

In the web series Giddh Bhoj, Aliya Naaz, and Suman Singh will appear together. On the CinePrime App right now, watch the web series Giddh Bhoj. Aliya Naaz appears in private scenes in these two episodes.

Web Series Giddh Bhoj Information

Cast for the web series Giddh Bhoj

Aliya Naaz
Suman Singh
Akshar Bhardwaj
Bhanu Suryam
Sahil Aman Khan
Gourav Singh

Details of the web series Giddh Bhoj

Title Giddh Bhoj Web Series
Cast Aliya Naaz, Suman Singh, Akshar Bhardwaj
Genre Erotic, Drama
Type Web Series
Director na
Release Date 30 September 2022
OTT Platform CinePrime App App
Language Hindi
Country India


Cast for the online television show Giddh Bhoj?

Suman Singh, Akshar Bhardwaj, and Aliya Naaz

How can I watch the Giddh Bhoj web series online?

Get the CinePrime App and subscribe to watch the series.

The release date for the Giddh Bhoj web series?

29 September 2022

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