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General Elections 2018: Mahira Khan feels sad on skipping elections and here’s why

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General Elections 2018: Mahira Khan feels sad on skipping elections and here’s why
Normal Elections 2018: Mahira Khan feels unhappy on skipping elections and right here’s why

As right this moment is the day to elect the future government of Pakistan, and yes it is the time to choose your verdict. However disappointingly many Pakistani celebs had flown to Canada for attending national TV awards ceremony just a few days ahead of vote casting day.

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan had shared a tweet after the media and social media users criticized the celebs on going abroad and are asking them about their priorities and interest.

The Bol actress Mahira, via her Instagram, clarified that she “tried her best” but “unfortunately…there was completely no way to delay my work commitment.”

“As a lot as I need to be there tomorrow, it’s unfortunate that I can not be. There was absolutely no method to delay my work dedication which was scheduled months in advance, I tried my greatest. And so with a heavy heart, I will not be voting this year. I urge all of you to get out and vote!! Might this yr carry the change all of us have been ready to see. InshAllah. Pakistan Zindabad!!!” she posted.

Many celebrities faced main backlash through social media accounts and a few of them additionally got here again to solid vote like Lollywood diva Samina Peerzada and fashionable comedy actor Vasay Chaudhry.

Many leading celebrities from the Pakistan television, fashion and music industries are in Toronto, Canada for an awards show organized by a private TV network.

The absence of some of the prominent names during the polls riled up social media customers, who slammed the celebrities for being away at such a crucial event.

The casting vote is our national duty and we should attempt our best to fulfill this for our personal future and nation’s progress. We hope may the very best one win and we as a society lead to a brilliant future together.

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