Faysal Bank’s (Former) Officer Whose Video Had Gone Viral, Sent to Jail

Faysal Bank's (Former) Officer Whose Video Had Gone Viral, Sent to Jail

Bank officer sent to jail for harassing woman in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: An official of a private bank arrested after sexually harassing a woman in Islamabad has been sent to jail on judicial remand, ARY News reported on Sunday.

The accused named Usman Gohar was arrested by police after a video shared on social media went viral, showing him harassing the woman.

The bank official was presented before the court after the registration of the case against him by the police. The court sent Usman Gohar to jail on judicial remand.

The incident was reported at a bank located in the F-10 area of Islamabad.

A police team led by ASP Shalimar police station took action and arrested the accused.

In a similar case in Islamabad on Saturday, police said they have safely escorted three female officials working for United Nations Organization whom three suspects allegedly assaulted on their way through Sinyari Forest.

The three women who belong to Norway, Italy, and Turkey are here in Pakistan on the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) assignments. It may be noted that both FAO and WHO are UNO agencies.

Reportedly, three men assaulted the three women, however, when the victims put up resistance the alleged harassers ran away.

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