Fawad Chaudry Dance in front of Wazir Khan Mosque

Fawad Chaudry Dance in front of Wazir Khan Mosque

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Recently, a veteran video actor Shaan Shahid and the Pakistaniel singer Ali Zafar had surfaced on the internet dancing on Dhol’s beats in front of Lahore’s Wazir Khan mosque.

In addition, Fawad Chaudry Federal Science and Technology Minister has also been spotted to the background of video dance in front of Wazir Khan’s mosque while celebrating an event. Pakistanis are infiliated on the offensive act next to the mosque.

Once the video went viral on social media, #Fawadchaudhrymuafimango started evolving on the Twitter micro-blogging site. Internet users criticize political personality and require excuses for offensive law.

Fawad Hothry, Ali Zafar and Shaan Shaid have not published a statement yet, however, the reactions of people are offenses.


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