Farrukh khokhar, 35, was detained after his wife’s death.

The Khokhar House, which is close to the Islamabad gateway, was built by Imtiaz Khokhar, a well-known Khanna Pul resident and resident of Khanna Pul. Farrukh Khokhar is Imtiaz’s son.

Farrukh Khokhar was born on July 19, 1988. In 2023, he will be 35 years old. He is well-known not only as a well-known landlord but also for his use of TikTok and for being Taji Khokhar’s son. This also clarifies why he is so wealthy.

The Pakistan People’s Party activist Taji Khokhar’s son, Farrukh Khokhar, was shot dead by the Rawalpindi police last year. He was accused of having ties to land speculators and supporting antisocial elements. He was put on the Fourth Schedule of the Anti-Terrorism Act by a court order. He is receiving care right now in an Islamabad jail.

Taji Khokhar passed away in Rawalpindi on January 4, 2021. Dera Taji Khokhar hosted the funeral pious services. On social media, Bilal Khokhar announced the news as true. After a protracted illness, he passed away.

Farrukh Khokhar
Imtiaz Khokha alias Taji Khokhar
35 years old approx
Rimsha Farrukh
Wife Age
33 years old approx
Married Duration
14 years
What Happened with Her?
Ramsha, the wife of Umar Khokhar’s older brother Farrakh Khokhar, killed herself by hanging from a ceiling fan, Umar Khokhar reported to the Chawki Gulzar-e-Qaed police. When the police arrived, they moved the dead body to the hospital for an autopsy.

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Farukh Khokhar is Detained in a Case of Wife Murder

In Rawalpindi’s Dhoke Gangal home on Sunday, the body of Farrukh Imtiaz Khokhar’s wife was discovered.

Ramsha, a mother of four, was discovered to have strangulation wounds on her neck.

Her brother, Ali Raza, claims that she was killed by her husband and then strangled and hung from a ceiling fan in his home.
In accordance with an FIR Raza filed with the Airport police, Ramsha wed her cousin Farrukh Khokhar around 14 years ago.

Khokhar had been abusing his wife, he continued, and he had frequently threatened to kill her.

In addition, he had a girl with whom he had a relationship; he frequently took her abroad.

Ramsha told her father and Ali Raza that Farrukh had threatened to kill her five days prior to her death.

After visiting Qatar with his girlfriend, Farrukh came back at three in the morning on Sunday. He began taunting and verbally abusing his wife as soon as he arrived home, according to the FIR.

Around nine in the morning, Mohammad Imtiaz, Ali Raza’s brother-in-law, called to let him know that Ramsha had been discovered hanging from a ceiling fan in her husband’s home.

When they arrived at Farrukh’s house in a hurry, Raza and his other brother-in-law, Umar Imtiaz, discovered Ramsha hanging with her dupatta around her neck.

I had lost my sister. Nothing was lying underneath her body and there were two marks of strangulation on her neck, he noted in the report.

He added that Farrukh had called him on WhatsApp and threatened him with serious repercussions in the FIR.

According to Raza, Samar Imtiaz assisted Farrukh in murdering his sister.

The District Headquarters Hospital is where the body has been taken by the police for an autopsy.

According to the initial police report, Ramsha’s body was found on the ground with black marks around her neck.

Farukh Khokhar 333 FIR

Farukh Khokhar 333 FIR

Farukh Khokhar Arrested in 302



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