Emilia Clarke reveals she ‘did a lot of drinking’ while shooting for ‘Last Christmas’

Emilia Clarke reveals she 'did a lot of drinking' while shooting for 'Last Christmas'
Emilia Clarke reveals she 'did a lot of drinking' while shooting for 'Last Christmas'

Emilia Clarke revealed she did a lot of drinking during the shoot of the Last Christmas. The star confessed that the writer Emma Thompson was also her partner in crime.

While talking to Heat Magazine, Emilia shared her experience working with the British actress.

She said, “We had a lot of fun together. We also got to do a lot of drinking together… and not just in the Christmas market scene, but also in a lot of other places.”

Sharing her wish for the next year, Emilia said: “I want to do a lot. I want to celebrate life, drink, be happy – every day of the year. Maybe even do some bungee jumping! Or maybe not… I look forward to everything I have planned and I would just like to enjoy my time.”

The Last Christmas is a rom-com, inspired by a song by George Michael and Wham!, portraying the life’s struggle of Kate, played by Emilia, after she’s made homeless in a year-round Christmas store.

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