Sheikh Danish Full HD Viral Video with Dr. Khadija

Dr Khadija and Sheikh Danish Full HD Viral Video on Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit

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A video of Sheikh Danish and Dr Khadija, a medical student, is going viral on social media and garnering lots of attention. People are looking up this video and expressing interest in the viral news because it addresses serious issues that many women have been grappling with for a long time but have been afraid to speak up about. When someone rejected a criminal’s romantic advances, we frequently hear that the victim was kidnapped or subjected to repeated harassment. A medical student who recently turned down a man’s marriage proposal is confronted by a torcher in one such incident.

Sheikh Danish and Dr Khadija, a Medical Student, Explained

The man and his group kidnapped Khadija Mehmood and brutally tortured or harassed her as punishment for refusing his marriage proposal in order to satisfy his ego or masculinity. From Faisalabad, Khadija Mehmood is a medical student. According to the report, on Tuesday, August 16, 2022, the suspect Sheikh Danish and his friends allegedly sexually harassed and assaulted Khadija. In addition, they reportedly videotaped the entire incident.

Sources claim that the suspect Danish abducted Khadija from her home under duress. It was shocking to learn that his daughter was complicit in the crime and helped her father abduct Khadija. For the purpose of intimidating the medical student, Danish and his daughter Ana Sheikh work with her father.

Leaked Full HD Viral Video of Sheikh Danish and Medical Student Dr. Khadija

The suspects took the medical student to their home and kept it in Faisalabad’s University Town. They were accused of punishing the girl by making her lick their shoes, and they even allegedly taped the appalling and humiliating event using their camera. They continue tormenting her and cutting off her hair after that. They even uploaded the video of her licking their shoes while being tortured online by the accused, who was also seen violently cutting her hair. Within a few seconds, the video went viral on social media and began to trend.

Many people on social media expressed their outrage at the brutal treatment of the young girl.

Umar Saeed Malik, the CCPO of Faisalabad, took note of the incident and reported the offenders to the women’s police station. Six suspects have been taken into custody by the police in this case; their names are Faizan, Danish, Ashghar, Maham, Shoaib, and Khan Muhammad. The victim’s face is prominently displayed in the viral video that is currently going around the world.

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