DJ/Influencer Cyan Boujee uncensored Viral Video on Twitter, and Reddit

Cyan Boujee was born in South Africa on August 25, 2001. She will be 21 years old in 2022. Honour Zuma Zacn is her full name, and Cyan is her preferred moniker.

Cyan Boujee, a well-known DJ and influencer, has been involved in controversy before. Her popularity is once again at the top.

Allegations state that Cyan Boujee’s ex-boyfriend Price Kaybee posted a private video of her on the internet.

The leaked video of Cyan Boujee has gone viral and is trending on Twitter and Reddit.

Cyan Boujee’s personal tape went viral the moment it was leaked, and Cyan took to Twitter to accuse Prince of leaking it.

Recently, Cyan Boujee wrote on Instagram, “I’m ayt guys, but wow may God bless Prince Kaybee. He is the one, without a doubt. My only concern is that I’m going to get dumped by all of my niggas today.

Prince Kaybee has not responded despite being accused of doing so on social media.

The alleged leak of a video causes a fight between Cyan Boujee and Prince Kaybee.

According to Cyan Boujee’s testimony, the personal video was taken many years ago and used to date Prince at the time.

Even so, Cyan has also stated that she is fine with the video being leaked because it made her newsworthy and popular.

What ex-boyfriend does Cyan Boujee have?

Bamzy Riches, however, was Boujee’s partner. Both their current status and the date they began dating are unknown. When it was revealed that Bamzy had abused Boujee in her flat, the couple became a trend in May 2022. He was charged with criminal damage and was later arrested.

And she dated Busta 929. She admitted to having an affair with him while participating in the Podcast and Chill with MacG interview. A serious relationship with Blaq Diamond was also maintained in addition to that.


Who is Cyan Boujee and why is she in the news?

DJ and influencer Boujee is well-known for her contentious remarks and actions. She is currently in the news because of the alleged online leak of a private video starring her.

What are the claims made in relation to the video that was leaked?

According to rumors, Prince Kaybee, Boujee’s ex-boyfriend, posted a private video of her online. On social media sites like Twitter and Reddit, the video has attracted a lot of attention.

How did Cyan Boujee respond to the exposed video?

Prince Kaybee was accused of leaking Boujee’s private video when she took to social media, particularly Twitter. Though she stated in her post that she was fine with the leak because it gave her publicity, she also expressed worry that it might have an impact on her personal relationships.

Having addressed the allegations, has Prince Kaybee responded?

According to the most recent reports, Prince Kaybee hasn’t responded to Boujee’s allegations regarding the leaked video in the open.


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