Disha Patani look shocking wearing in transparent

Disha Patani, the stunning actress from Bollywood, is adored in every outfit she wears. She is now wearing a revealing top to the Mumbai airport. A video goes popular on the internet during this time.

Disha Patani, a Bollywood actress, is famous for her fashion sense. Every single one of her looks is a hit. Disha’s appearance has once again wowed fans in a video. In a white translucent top, Disha is causing mayhem.

Wearing a transparent top causes increased heartbeat.

Disha Patani is dressed in white at the Mumbai airport, as shown in the video. She’s dressed in a crop top in white. It’s been worn with joggers by her. Disha is seen sporting a waist-length jacket with this. She’s dressed in a pair of sneakers that are the same colour as her. The video has received a lot of positive feedback and has been shared widely.

In a bikini, she flaunted her stunning figure.

Disha Patani recently published two photos of herself wearing a swimsuit on her Instagram account. In front of the mirror, she flaunted her flawless form, which she thought was really attractive. Disha’s photos were really popular.


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