CORONAVIRUS – Everything You Need to Know (The Truth)

CORONAVIRUS - Everything You Need to Know (The Truth)

How deadly is coronavirus? What are the best action steps you can take to prevent yourself from coronavirus infection. How really can you be sure if you are suffering from the novel corona virus? If you have been tested positive for coronavirus, how can you cure yourself? After going through almost every paper issued by WHO, Unicef and other reliable organisations, we will burst some of the most common myths floating around. I will also share with you what’s Ayurveda’s take on it.

00:01 – Why is there a scare about Coronavirus?
00:13 – What is this video on coronavirus all about?
00:45 – From where did the new coronavirus originated?
00:58 – How many people are affected by this coronavirus?
01:15 – What are the biggest myths surrounding the new coronavirus?
01:26 – Do face masks protect from coronavirus infection?
01:59 – Can eating non veg food like chicken and eggs cause coronavirus infection?
02:24 – Can Coronavirus be transmitted from goods and couriers?
02:45 – How effective is Pneumonia vaccine against the new Coronavirus?
03:03 – What are the best action steps we can take to prevent ourselves from the new Coronavirus?
03:13 – How does new Coronavirus spread?
03:45 – How wearing a mask can cause coronavirus infection?
04:08 – How to make a Hand sanitizer at home to protect from Coronavirus
04:25 – How deadly is the new Coronavirus? You will be surprised.
04: 50 – How to boost immunity to protect from Coronavirus?
05:06 – How to know if it is Common Flu or Coronavirus infection?
05:23 – The specific link to the new Coronavirus that you must know.
05:40 – What is the incubation period of the new Coronavirus?
05:53 – Doctor from Thailand suggested an interesting technique to identify Coronavirus infection.
06:10 – How to get Coronavirus checkup done?
06:24 – If I have been tested positive of Coronavirus, what can we do to cure?
06:38 – Modern Medical Science’s viewpoint on how to treat Coronavirus?
07:05 – What does Ayurveda suggest to cure Coronavirus Infection?
07:55 – Ayurveda’s highly recommended way to boost immunity manifold
08:18 – Ayurveda and UNICEF’s common connection on Coronavirus

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