Chloe, a data science major at Cignature, posted a popular video teaching coding to K-pop fans.

Chloe from Cignature—who is she? teaching K-pop fans how to code in a viral data science video

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Cignature, a South Korean girl group, has a member who has made headlines. Yes, Chloe is the person who is gaining popularity across social media for teaching K-pop fans how to code. Her coding tutorial on VLive has shocked nonfans, even though her fans already knew how smart she was. The group and its members have become well-known thanks to the video clip of the same song that has circulated online. Everyone wants to know more about her right now. Let’s look at the article below to see who Cignature’s Chloe is.

On August 19, Chloe appeared on VLive and stated that she wished her fans could accompany her while she studied. She began explaining to her followers what she was doing while she was preparing for her classes. Her fans were already aware that she was pursuing a degree in data science at the University of Michigan. Furthermore, Chloe has discussed her major in a number of interviews, letting those who know her about her intelligence. The video went viral on September 9, 2022, not the same day he went live.

It happened when a fan posted a video clip from the VLive on Twitter. The video quickly gained a lot of attention and became popular online. It gained attention from nonfans who were shocked to see the young member teaching fans coding as it began to circulate on K-Pop Twitter and other platforms. There is no doubt that the knowledge of such a thing has only recently become available. Speaking of the same, Cignature fans revealed that they had merely jokingly asked her to do some “coding with Chloe.”

The followers didn’t believe the idol would take their advice seriously and actually begin teaching them coding. The internet’s attention is currently being drawn to Chloe, who is trending across many platforms. Let’s inform our readers that Chloe is a part of the 2020 K-Pop debuting group Cignature. Chloe had lived in California even though she was Korean. Her goal was to become a K-pop idol, so she relocated to South Korea. According to reports, she was given a certificate from the President Education Awards Program and the Congressional Award. The lead singer of her band is Chloe.

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