Full HD Viral Video of Chandigarh University Hostel Girls Taking a Bath

Chandigarh University’s Hostel Girls Taking Bath full HD Viral Video

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We frequently hear about numerous crimes against women, but oddly, people only criticize women for their appearance even after they have been victims; they are mistreated, and they are given the impression that they are suspects. A significant demonstration is taking place at Chandigarh University with this in mind. But this time, a girl is accused of Viral videos or MM*S of other girls in the hostel online. All media outlets are now covering this story because it has gained international attention.

Chandigarh University Hostel Girls Video

According to reports, students at Chandigarh University in Mohali, Punjab, organized protests after a girl allegedly posted online priva*te videos of her roommates. Since this case first appeared online, the police have opened an investigation and have already detained the accused girl after realizing how serious the situation was. A girl student at the university allegedly recorded a video of at least 60 other students taking showers in the girl’s dorm, and she later uploaded it to an adul*t website.

Despite the fact that Chandigarh University rejected all of these claims and claimed that these “objectionable videos” were simply hearsay, The chaos in the university started as students barraged it with demands for justice after the girls were later made aware of the serious situation. Although the SSP of Mohali rejected the claim and said no suicide or death related to this case has been reported as of yet, it has been reported that 8 girls attempted suicide as a result of the girl’s shocking behavior. The university’s administration has refuted the social media posts claiming to have learned of the suicide.

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The only girl who was hospitalized after fainting, according to priva*te university officials, is now in stable condition. Bhagwant Mann, the chief minister of Punjab, announced on Twitter that the government of Punjab has ordered a high-level investigation into the situation after learning about all this chaos. A police investigation has revealed that they only found one video, and it was of the person being charged. The girl hasn’t videotaped any other students, according to the police. According to a statement made by Dr. RS Bawa, provost of Chandigarh University:

Videos of bathing at the Chandigarh University for Girls

The rumor that 60 student-specific priva*te videos have been found on the internet is completely untrue. Only the accused recorded a video with her beau that is objectionable, and police are already looking into it, at the time of the University’s preliminary investigation. No student videos had been found at that point. Mobile phones and other electronic devices have been seized and have been sent for forensic examination. The police are urging the public to avoid believing social media posts right away because these posts have a tendency to cause panic. Simply verify the details before acting, or wait for the official announcement.

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