Bushra Bibi’s close friend Farah Khan’s true story

Bushra Bibi's close friend Farah Khan's true story

This latest video / vlog uploaded today on Syed Ali Haider Official “ twitter, dailymotion, YouTube Channel in Full HD.
The Topic of this video was Bushra Bibi’s close friend Farah Khan’s true story ”

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Who is Farah Khan?

Farah Khan did not hold a public position in Imran Khan’s party or government, but she was known to wield significant power due to her friendship with Bushra Bibi, who was said to have pulled many strings in the Imran Khan administration.

Farah Shahzadi was Farah Khan’s original name. Usman Buzdar, the former Punjab chief minister, was said to have her as his “front-woman.”

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