Boney Kapoor issues legal notice to makers of upcoming flick, Sridevi Bungalow

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Other than the name, there are other similarities in the teaser that prompted Kapoor to take action.

Boney Kapoor has initiated legal proceedings against the producers of Sridevi Bungalow, an upcoming Bolly flick starring internet sensation, Priya Varrier (yep, that viral wink girl) in the lead role.
An admittedly distasteful teaser for the movie released yesterday and there are some clues pointing to the fact that the movie is inspired by the iconic Sridevi; the ending shot is literally that of Carrier drowning in a bathtub and is otherwise the story of a successful but inherently unhappy actress.

No wonder Sridevi’s husband, Kapoor has slapped the makers and director, Prasanth Mambully with a legal notice; the makers have accepted that they have received a warning from him and will fight the case in the court, according to a report in The Times of India.

In his defence, Prasanth Mambully told Boney that Sridevi is a common name and Priya will be portraying the role of an actress who is called Sridevi. Reportedly, Kapoor copyrighted his late wife’s life story so no one but him can make a film based on her legacy.

“Only he will be able to make his wife’s biopic the way he wants to,” shared sources.


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