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Bedroom footage of Senator Azam Swati and his wife goes viral on Twitter

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a personal video of my wife and I? The Azam Swati

Azam Swati, my wife, and I are seen in a private video sharing the details while she sobs uncontrollably.

My heart was breaking when my wife’s phone rang yesterday and she was sobbing. I asked her what had happened, but she was unable to explain it and just kept crying. Finally, she said that someone had sent her a private video of our couple from a private number. As she was speaking, Is. Azam Swati started crying.

PTI leader and female employee’s leaked phone call raises questions

On social media for several hours now, a recording of a telephone conversation between a female Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf employee and a senior leader has been circulating.

Azam Swati, the leader of the PTI, is heard in the recording pleading with Ambreen Swati, the party’s candidate in the NA-13 Mansehra, to drop out of the race.

Azam Swati hands the phone to Babar Saleem, another party leader, when she refuses to follow the instructions. During their conversation, the woman breaks down in tears over Azam Swati’s treatment of her.

Later, Ambreen Swati demanded in a social media video that Imran Khan pay attention to the pressure that Azam Swati is putting on her.

However, Ambreen Swati’s ticket was mistakenly issued by the party, according to Azam Swati, who spoke to Geo TV on Friday. The party had made a seat adjustment in NA-13 with an independent candidate.

Ambreen Swati was only asked to drop out of the race after gaining the confidence of Imran Khan, he added.

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