Musa Khawula and Lulo Cafe's viral bath clip

Bath Clip by Musa Khawula and Lulo Cafe Goes Viral on Twitter, YouTube, & Reddit

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Who Is Musa Khawula – Wiki, Bio, Age

The South African celebrity Musa Khawula is currently a hot mess. After posting videos online and having them go viral for a while, Musa’s Twitter account was allegedly banned after complaints from the internet community. Later, Musa’s account was deleted along with a ban from the website. The victory over the men’s removal from Twitter was lauded by online users. The information quickly spread online, and many people made fun of Musa for his peculiar and uncouth behavior.

Many people are working hard to delete the video from the internet because it is still there, despite the fact that it has been partially removed. Let’s explore the online video that Musa posted in greater detail and which sparked debate.

Lulo Cafe’s Bath Clip Viral Video

A man was seen bathing in the video that Musa posted online on Wednesday, which at first glance appeared to be normal. Lulu Café, a well-known DJ, was seen in the completely nak*ed video of a man who was taking a shower but was unaware that a camera was filming him. Lulu Cafe was the bare-chested man in the video, which Musa purposefully Viral online. As soon as the video was posted online, it quickly gained popularity. However, Musa was made fun of online while Lulu received support because good people are always backed.

The account of Musa and this video were both reported by users so frequently that Twitter itself banned and deleted the account.

Viral Video from Musa Khawula’s Lulo Cafe in Bath

Musa’s account was deleted at the same time the video was removed because it was trending and going viral online. Lulo was seen in the video taking a shower, but as the video suggests, he was not aware that the camera was rolling. Although it is unknown who helped Musa commit this heinous act, Musa was the one who wanted to Viral the information online. The internet users were relieved when Musa’s account was deleted, and they were grateful to Lulu for not making fun of Musa and for remaining composed without saying a word. Many internet users adored Lulu’s lack of responsiveness.

On this subject, there was a tonne of Tweets posted online, and the controve*rsy was trending in South Africa on Twitter. Here are a few of the Tweets that demonstrate how people supported Lulu in this controve*rsy from some of the online community members who tweeted about the subject. Even though they are unsure of the circumstances surrounding this incident, one Twitter user described Lulu as one of the coolest people in the business. While another commenter expressed his desire for Musa to be charged with allegations of revenge p*orn.

While another person tweeted that Musa should be fired from Ukhozi FM and that a petition should be started against him for committing such a horrendous crime, As a result of controlling Lulu’s life, one user suggested Musa should be punished.

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