Bandla Ganesh full Audio Leaked gone Viral

Bandla Ganesh full Audio Leaked gone Viral

LISTEN: The Audio Leaked Version of Bandla Ganesh Goes Viral On Social Media:

Bandla Ganesh and Pawan Kalyan have a special affinity, as everyone knows. They have a really strong and healthy relationship. They’re in such close proximity to one another. Bandla Ganesh also views Power Star Pawan Kalyan to be his deity. Ganesh recently gave a lecture in the Devara, Pavaneshwara chariots, which is still going viral. Bandla Ganesh is now in the news after a recording of his phone call was released online. Yes, a number of individuals have been looking for information on the leaked phone call and other related issues.

YouTube Audio of Bandla Ganesh

According to reports, Bandla Ganesh’s legendary statement on Vakeel Saab’s pre-release ceremony, which began with “Eeshwara…”, startled Telugu states when it went viral. Fans are now expecting Ganesh to do a similar performance, but he has failed to get an invitation from the producers, purportedly due to a land dispute with Trivikram. A phone call was leaked and became viral in this regard, and when the legitimacy of the leaked tape was investigated, it was discovered that it was not phoney at all.

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In the audio, a fan expresses his desire to see Bandla at the pre-release event, to which Bandla responds that he is also extremely thrilled to go and that he has prepared some lines, but Trivikram stops him since he feels he would overpower him. It appears that he has something planned with the YCP. They should yell ‘Bandlanna’ throughout the occasion, and Bandla will hide someplace and appear on the dais unexpectedly, according to Bandla. Everyone is now watching to see whether something similar will occur.


Bandla Ganesh full Audio Leaked


Bandlana Ganesh is an Indian film actor and producer who is well-known in the industry. In 2009, he founded Parameswara Art Productions and began producing films with the film Anjaneyulu. He acted in films such as Manasulo Maata, Sorry Aunty, Yogi, Tulasi, Chirutha, Businessman, Master, Ugadi, Vinodam, Sidhooram, and Aahvaanam. He is responsible for a number of films, including Nee Jathaga Neunundali, Temper, Teen Maar, and a number of others. For the film Gabbar Singh, he won the CineMAA Award for Best Film. He recently gained notoriety after a recording of a phone conversation he had with a fan was released. We’ll update this page as soon as we learn of any new information on this storey. Follow us on social media.

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