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Babar Azam Video Gone Viral

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Babar Azam Video Gone Viral

This latest video / vlog uploaded today on Zunaira Mahum YouTube Channel in Full HD.

The Topic of this video was ” Babar Azam Video Gone Viral

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Nida Yasir under fire for joking with Babar Azam about colorism. Nida Yasir under criticism for asking Babar Azam the kind of wife he wants. Nida Yasir lands in hot waters once again. The host’s video clip in which she is passing colorist remarks is making rounds on the internet.
Nida’s video clip from her morning show is all over social media. The video is an old one but it has resurfaced on the internet. Yasir had invited Babar Azam to her show. She was seen interviewing him about different things. The host questioned him about the kind of wife he wants.
Babar replied that he wants an honest and understanding wife. Nida further asked that does he want a wife who would do his chores like pressing his cloth and cooking food. Azam humorously replied that he is not a kid who is going to school. He even said that he doesn’t want anything else but her to be understanding towards him and his family.
The host proceeded to ask him questions. She concluded by asking him if he would be okay with a dark-skinned girl. ‘Would a dark-skinned girl be okay? Or do you want a fair girl,’ the host asked. Babar Azam said that he is ‘okay’ with anyone.
The questions were obviously offensive. The public is triggered after the video went viral once again. People think Nida’s comments are colorist and inappr**opriate. People also appreciated Babar for his calm and composed replies to the questions.
This isn’t the first time that the host’s show is getting criticized. Nida Yasir is often a target of criticism for her morning show. She was previously trolled after her poorly researched interview on Formula cars. The host asked weird questions and the public couldn’t help but troll her. She was all over social media for this reason.
Nida Yasir is said to be “The Queen” of morning shows, having said that, it won’t be wrong to say that she is the queen of controversies too. In the recent episode of controversies generated by Nida Yasir, an old video of Nida interviewing Babar Azam has resurfaced. In the video, Nida is inquiring Babar Azam about the kind of wife he wants.
Nida asked Babar: “Babar whenever you will get married, what kind of wife do you want? What qualities do you seek in your wife?”
To which Babar replied: “She should be honest and understand me,” “Do you want a wife who gives you bed tea in the morning, press your clothes, or cook you food?” asked Nida
Babar replied laughingly: “Am I a kid, who is going to school”
Nida then asked: “What should be the beauty standard for your wife? She should have big eyes, should be tall, have long hair”. Babar replied: “I don’t want any such thing, as I said that she should understand me and my family”
Nida asked: “So it would be fine if she is fat or short heightened”. Babar said: “Not that fat, or small, she must be just normal”. Nida then asked: “Would it be fine if she is tanned, or you want a white wife”. In the end, Babar replied laughingly: “I am okay with anyone” People are criticizing Nida Yasir badly for the choice of words.

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