Artvangrow, Video & Photos Went Viral On TikTok, Twitter & Reddit

Wikipedia & Bio for Artvangrow

Even though there isn’t much online about Amanda, it appears that she is a 30-year-old woman. On her TikTok account, Amanda has more than 14,000 followers.

To elicit sympathy from her fans, she posted the video online. Though she had some supporters, there were also some who watched the entire video and criticised Amanda for acting inappropriately and speaking rudely to the workers. Hansen and Jamie, who Amanda reportedly asked to return to their original positions after being fired, were named as the two individuals. It is claimed that Amanda’s request for an influencer discount was turned down by the employee because there was no such discount available, which is when the argument started.

Just who is Artvangrow?

She is well-known for her TikTok videos, where she goes by Amanda rather than using the user name artvangrow. She recently let go of Home Depot employees on the grounds that they treated her impolitely. The accusations were made while the woman was in the home depot talking to the staff members. Amanda then engaged in a discussion with the two employees she had accused of misbehaving with her, leading to their dismissal from their positions. A video Amanda shared of herself discussing the conflict and how the employee had misbehaved with her was actually a fabrication, as viewers were able to see another video in which the employee was actually speaking calmly with her. She then shared a video.

Viral Video & Images from Artvangrow

She passed hateful remarks and hateful speech on to the employees, and her remarks on them were primarily derogatory. People started making fun of Amanda for her rude behaviour toward the employees in the video’s comment section, which received a lot of unfavourable remarks. In order to stop displaying racism, Amanda asked the staff to return to their original positions. People began calling Amanda Karen in her comment section after the video went viral on the internet and they began to take notice of it. They made fun of her for speaking abrasively to the guys.

Later, it was revealed that a staff member had apologised to Amanda as she was leaving the store and sitting in her car. She started recording a video and posted it online without speaking or trying to resolve the situation. She can also be seen speaking impolitely to the employee in the video, who by nature and the way she interacts with Amanda seems genuine.

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