Another CCTV Footage video gone viral Of Peshawar Blast

Another CCTV Footage video gone viral Of Peshawar Blast

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When a bomb exploded in a mosque in Peshawar’s Qissa Khawani Bazaar neighbourhood on Friday, at least 56 people were killed and several others were injured.

The explosion happened during Friday prayers at Jamia mosque near Kocha Risaldar Chowk, according to reports. At least 20 individuals were hurt in the blast, according to police.

Officials from the fire department have arrived at the scene and are transporting the injured to Lady Reading Hospital. The hospital has declared an emergency, and ten people’s health is in grave danger. Fifty injured persons were brought to the hospital, according to a hospital spokesperson.

The location has been blocked off by police and security personnel, and evidence has begun to be collected. Locals are also assisting with the transportation of the injured, while rescue professionals are finding it difficult to carry out rescue operations due to the market’s tiny, packed streets.

Ijaz Ahsan, Peshawar’s Capital City Police Officer (CCPO), stated that one police officer had been killed. Inti, he said, two alleged assailants attempted to enter a mosque and opened fire on the police officers on duty. As a result, one cop was killed and another was seriously injured.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has denounced the terrorist attack and ordered a thorough investigation into the incident. He also told the government that the injured should be provided with every feasible convenience.

Another CCTV Footage video gone viral Of Peshawar Blast

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