Ali Sethi, the son of Najam Sethi, allegedly wed Salman Toor, his boyfriend.

Najam Sethi’s son Ali Sethi allegedly married his friend Salman, Ali Sethi is a well -known singer. There was a mixed response to this marriage on social media. Some people congratulated and some people expressed their anger at how a boy could be married to a boy.

Who is Salman Toor – Age, Husband, Family, Ali Sethi?

Salman Toor, a Pakistani-born artist who found his canvas in the colourful tapestry of New York City, is situated at the crossroads of two worlds.

A 40-year-old master painter, he creates works that bring to life the aspirations and stories of young South Asian men, setting their tales against the colourful backdrops of South Asia or the throbbing centre of New York City.

While many people have criticised the “Pasoori” actor for not following Islamic teachings and have called for his boycott, others think it is their unalienable right to do as they please and should be permitted to marry whomever they love regardless of boundaries of gender and religion.

Salman Toor - Age, Husband, Family, Ali Sethi

Salman Toor - Age, Husband, Family, Ali Sethi

Salman Toor - Age, Husband, Family, Ali Sethi

Has Ali Sethi married his friend Salman Toor?

Although the reported marriage between the two artists has not yet been publicly confirmed, the discussions surrounding their alleged union show how the dynamics of public discourse on LGBTQ+ identities and relationships in Pakistan’s cultural landscape are changing. Conversations about acceptance, love, and identity continue to be sparked by the rumour as admirers and detractors wait for more confirmation.

Internet Users React

While this was going on, Ali Sethi rose to the top trend on Twitter as word of his wedding spread. While some people praised him, others expressed their vehement disapproval.
“Ali Sethi wed a man named Salman Toor? Is it real?,” a user questioned.

Another internet user said, “People seem to be sharing a lot of ‘opinions’ at the moment. I’m not sure if the news is true, but if it is, here’s my two cents: I’d like to congratulate Ali Sethi and Salman Toor on their marriage. I’m wishing them both happiness and joy. May they continue producing outstanding art. Blessings and salutations!”

The Sexuality of Salman Toor

Salman Toor came out as gay to the New Yorker in 2022 and admitted that his parents “didn’t accept that,” adding that they both eventually accepted his sexuality “more with tolerance than with understanding.”

Does Pakistan have laws against gay marriage?

In Pakistan, gay marriage is considered a crime. If Ali Sethi’s illegitimate union is confirmed, he will be guilty of a crime punishable by Pakistani law. Our society has already disapproved of this type of myth and the sickest behaviour.

Our liberal class needs to consider where their liberalism is leading their offspring. If this keeps up, their future generations will be wiped out.


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