Actress Tangmo Nida Dead Body Photos Leaked gone viral

Actress Tangmo Nida Dead Body Photos Leaked

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On Telegram, Tangmo Nida Patcharaveerapong’s body was discovered.

The news of Thai actress Tangmo Nida Patcharaveerapong, better known as Melonp, passing away has taken the Internet by storm. We recently learned of the death of a beautiful Thai actress, which left us speechless for a short time, but delivering authentic details and official reports to our readers is our first priority, and this article was written with a heavy heart, as it was difficult to believe this news at first, but that is how the cookie crumbles.

Thai Actress Tangmo Nida Patcharaveerapong Death Cause

People are understandably distraught after hearing the tragic news, and they are now eager to learn more about her cause of death. According to reports, the actress died after falling from a speedboat near the Pibul Songkhram 1 dock in Nonthaburi. However, two days later, on Saturday, rescuers discovered the body of a girl floating in the Chao Phraya River, which was Tangmo Nida Patcharaveerapong. Tangmo’s body was discovered in the Chao Phraya River and identified by her brother, Dayos Detjob. Continue reading to learn more about her career experiences.

She appeared in a number of TV shows and films throughout her career, including the 2006 film Ghost of Mae Nak, which was based on one of Thailand’s oldest ghost legends. Furthermore, images of the actress have appeared on the front pages of over 50 magazines. To learn about her age, real name, husband, and Instagram account, go to the next paragraph of this article.

Melonp’s Real Name and Official Instagram (IG)

She married Pakin Kumwilaisuk, another actor, in 2013, but the couple divorced in 2015. She was also on Instagram, where her username is “@melonpveerapong,” and you can find her there. She was a middle-aged woman, 37 years old at the time of her death, with a birthdate of September 13, 1984, and a birthplace of Thailand. Her parents’ identities are unknown, and she is not listed on Wikipedia. For more information, stay tuned to our page.

Tangmo was reported to have fallen into the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, where a dead body was discovered by rescuers and declared to be that of Thai actress Tangmo, but her mother believes that the investigation is suspect. Tangmo’s mother, Panida, stated that Tangmo was on the boat with five friends for a meal, one of whom was her manager. Tangmo was dressed up differently, as if for a shoot, and I’d like to know who held the photo shoot on the boat, she continued.

Her dead body was identified first by her clothes, according to the actress’ brother. Dayos Detjob is her younger brother. Tangmodia’s death was initially reported as a rumour on Facebook. Tangmondia, an Indonesian actress, was later confirmed to have passed away. Following the news, her fans and admirers are devastated. All of her fans are paying her a heartfelt tribute by sharing her photos and videos on social media platforms. Despite her celebrity, she did not have a Wikipedia entry. She appeared in TV shows such as Bai Mai Tee Plid Plew and others in addition to films. Tangmondia, a young woman, died on March 1, 2022. Rest In Peace, her soul.

Tangmo Nida’s death has sparked a flood of heartfelt tributes on social media. She died recently in a boating accident after falling overboard. Tangmonida was a well-known Indonesian actress. Nida Patcharaveerapong is her full name. She’d worked on a number of projects, including Pard 888 and The Flying Leaf, and she was ready to take on his larger Showbiz project. However, since she is no longer alive, it’s possible that fate had other plans for her.

Actress Tangmo Nida Dead Body Photos Leaked gone viral

Actress Tangmo Nida Dead Body Photos Leaked gone viral

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