Actress Angélica Castro Takes in “Unforgettable Sunsets” While Wearing a Bathing Suit

As she bids farewell to summer, Chilean actress Angélica Castro is savoring some stunning beach sunsets. In a black bikini and having fun in the surf, the 50-year-old star looks vibrant and joyful. “Unforgettable sunsets are those that transport you to the infinite, boundless, and the sea, which simultaneously engulfs us in the darkest and stormiest emotions. Optimal energy for you! What are you doing this weekend? #Vida #weekend #Beach “She added captions to an Instagram post.

How does she manage to stay so fit? Continue reading to learn 5 ways Castro maintains his physical fitness and the pictures that prove it. Also, to help you get beach-ready, don’t miss these 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!

She Enjoys Dancing

Castro enjoys dancing, and based on her social media, she is a pro. According to choreographer Kristin Sudeikis, “putting your body in motion consciously offers yourself a 360-degree physiological reset, which can be cathartic, deeply transforming, and healing.” The use of smartphones, laptops and screens on a daily basis can cause people to contract inward rather than expand outward, according to Sudeikis. “The dance floor invites you to practise taking up space without apology while also acknowledging those around you—something we could use more of in the world, don’t you think?”

Castro enjoys including oatmeal in her healthy diet, particularly when it’s served with peanut butter. According to Romi Londre, RDN, a half-cup of cooked rolled oats in a cup of water has 165 calories, 4 grammes of fibre, and 6 grammes of protein. Regularly eating oatmeal can help with weight management. “A slower blood glucose release and a longer feeling of fullness are benefits of the fibre and protein content. In addition, oats are a great source of numerous vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium, copper, thiamine, and zinc.”

With a trainer, she exercises

Castro exercises diligently with the assistance of a personal trainer, Carolina Valdivieso. “This quick and simple glutes exercise is what we did with @carovaldiviesotrainer. They perform the task at home and then report back to me. Back Kick, Lateral Plank with Leg Lift, Unilateral Deadweight, Quad Stretchable Band Abduction 4 Series, each with 15 repetitions, are examples of exercises to try “Castro added captions to a workout video.

Pilates is something Castro practises and regards as “a gift.” According to Judi Bar, a yoga therapist, Pilates has therapeutic and preventative benefits. “since it strengthens muscle groups with control and breath while isolating and relaxing specific muscle groups. One of the best advantages of yoga, just like with better health, is the sense of well-being. Lower back pain can be relieved as a result of strengthening your core because, in addition to tight muscles, misalignment and weakness are other causes of lower back pain.”



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