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Abid Malhi: Main Suspect in the Motorway Case, Began Crying after the Judge Death Sentence

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A Lahore (ATC) Anti-Terrorism Court on Saturday sentenced two major accused in the case of the Gangrape toll road – Abid Malhi and Shafqat Ali – to death and life imprisonment.

ATC Judge Arshad Hussain Bhatta announced a verdict in Kamp Lahore’s prison in which the two defendants had been imprisoned. Judgment was announced before the defendant and the prosecution team.

Each defendant was also fined RS50,000.

ATC has concluded the trial process in the case on Thursday after the defense completed his argument. The defendant had se**xually attacked French women from Pakistan in front of his children last year, while his car had developed an error on the highway.

Police Gujjarpura invited FIR No 1369/20 under the Section 376, 392 and 427 of the Pakistani criminal code and Section 7 of the anti-terrorism law, 1997.

The prosecution presents 53 witnesses, including those who survived, the FIR complainant and the person who reported the incident on the police emergency helpline.

Survivor rape recorded his statement and also identified the suspect Malhi and Ali, who claimed to have committed a crime in police custody, but later during the trial denied the allegations.

Prime Curectip Malhi has also taken the RS100,000 cash of the woman, which he claims had spent time during the period he was hiding from the police. The police report said the defendant was tracked by the help of their DNA sample records, preserved by the Punjab Forensic Science Agency.
Motorway Rape
The country wors for anger in September last year because the details have emerged from Gangrape on the outskirts of Lahore, with indifferent comments and did not help by the city police chief who added fuel to the fire.

At that time, Prime Minister Imran Khan had directed that tight actions were consumed not only to criminals involved in the Lahore toll road incident but also the people behind the rape of small children in Karachi, said such incidents were interference with the image of the community.

The victim, a resident of Lahore defense housing community, was stuck on the toll road with two children around 1am after the car runs out of gas. When he tried to arrange help, two men approached him and took him and his children (under eight years) to the closest fields in Gunpoint.

Pictures of family vehicles traveling in resistance signs – like a damaged window.

Once in the field, the attackers raped the woman in front of her children. At the time of a police officer and a relative called the woman reached the scene, the attackers, said at the age of 30, had fled, took them with cash and valuables she was carrying.

Shortly after the incident, the Prime Minister has stated that the rapists must be sentenced to the most severe punishment to curb increased se**xual violence in the country, such as hanging them publicly or chemically.

In November, President Dr. Arif Alvi gave approval for the procedure of anti-rape 2020, ensuring the rapid trial of rape cases with women and children as victims and enabling chemical castration being punished for the violation.

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