Sajjad Jani Faces Opposition as Abeera Khan Speaks Out Publicly

Abeera Khan Breaks Silence on Marital Issues with Sajjad Jani

Abeera Khan, also known as the “Faisalabadi Kuri,” is a popular content creator and anchor from Faisalabad. She’s gained fame for her road shows and content on YouTube and mainstream media.

A Closer Look at Abeera’s Life:

Born and raised in Faisalabad, Abeera, who is around 32 years old, has become a well-known figure in the media world. She’s not just a content creator; people affectionately call her the “Faisalabadi Kuri.”

Abeera’s Personal Story:

In a recent interview, Abeera spilled the beans about her marriage to a famous comedian, Sajjad Jani, also known as Butt te Bhatti. She explained that her journey into adulthood was a personal one, and her family supported her decision to get married.

Why Abeera and Sajjad Parted Ways:

Abeera shared that her marriage hit a rough patch due to Sajjad’s involvement in other relationships and having five marriages one after the other. She was his fourth wife, and he recently got married for the fifth time, with Maria Aslam being the likely new spouse.

Abeera’s Family and Divorce Shock:

Despite the rocky marriage, Abeera has one son from her time with Sajjad Jani. The surprising part? She found out about her divorce just three months ago, even though it happened in 2022. Sajjad didn’t directly tell her about the split.

Dealing with Post-Divorce Drama:

After the divorce, Abeera had to deal with letters from Maria Aslam, Sajjad’s new wife, filled with accusations. These letters became a symbol of the mental stress Abeera went through, turning her kindness into an unexpected challenge.

Marriage Status Confusion:

Interestingly, Abeera revealed that their marriage in 2020 hasn’t been officially registered. There’s no marriage certificate to prove it.


Abeera Khan’s life story is a mix of professional success and personal struggles. Her openness about the complexities of relationships and her ability to overcome tough times is something we can all learn from. As she continues her road shows and content creation, Abeera’s story is a reminder that strength often comes from being real about life’s ups and downs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Abeera Khan’s Personal Journey

Q1: Who is Abeera Khan?

A1: Abeera Khan is a renowned content creator and anchor from Faislabad, known as the “Faisalabadi Kuri,” with a significant presence on YouTube and mainstream media.

Q2: Why did Abeera Khan open up about her personal life?

A2: Abeera shared details about her marriage and divorce with comedian Sajjad Jani in a candid interview to address rumors and provide clarity about her experiences.

Q3: How many marriages has Sajjad Jani been through?

A3: Sajjad Jani, also known as Butt te Bhatti, has been married five times, with Abeera Khan being the fourth wife.

Q4: When did Abeera Khan and Sajjad Jani get divorced?

A4: Abeera Khan and Sajjad Jani got divorced in 2022, and Abeera learned about it only three months ago.

Q5: How many children does Abeera Khan have?

A5: Abeera Khan has one son from her marriage to Sajjad Jani.

Q6: What is the status of Abeera Khan and Sajjad Jani’s marriage in terms of registration?

A6: Their 2020 union has not been officially registered, and there is no available marriage certificate.

Q7: What challenges has Abeera Khan faced post-divorce?

A7: Abeera received letters from Maria Aslam containing various allegations, reflecting the mental distress she endured after the divorce.

Q8: How has Abeera Khan’s personal journey influenced her professional life?

A8: Despite personal challenges, Abeera Khan continues her road shows and content creation, using her experiences as inspiration for others navigating relationships and personal growth.


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