7 things Pemra can ban after ‘controversial’ content

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Pakistan Ele­ctronic Media Regu­la­tory Authority (Pemra) has advised Pakistani channels to abstain from indecency in non-news content.

The usually vague regulatory authority got specific this time around and asked channels not to air dramas containing controversial themes, indecent clo­thing and gestures, controversial plots (involving infidelity and extramarital affairs, etc) and unnecessary details of events.

They say “indecent scenes, dialogues, extramarital relations, violence, inappr**opriate dressing, rape scenes, bed scenes, use of drugs and alcohol, and intimate moments between couples are being glamorised in utter disregard of Pakistani culture and values” and are very distressing for viewers.

While we’re totally with them on the whole unnecessary details bit, we do think there are more pressing things at hand that they could ban.

Let’s start with these 7:

Ahad Raza Mir
Like hello, the man is a thirst trap!

Photo: Daniyal Naqvi

You know where they come from, right? Haw.

Do no bed scenes mean we won’t be seeing these hideous sheets anymore either? Win-win!

Contact lenses
They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Y’all are closing the curtains on them!

Park Towers

7 things Pemra can ban after ‘controversial’ content

Ever notice how every drama uses Park Towers to show a mall scene? Why have mall scenes anyway? Shopping is giving in to temptation.

Running in slow motion

7 things Pemra can ban after 'controversial' content
7 things Pemra can ban after ‘controversial’ content

A woman running in slow motion with her dupatta flailing about is something that needs to stop. It’s subliminal lawn advertisement.

Women enjoying life7 things Pemra can ban after 'controversial' content
A woman is happy and not knowing the perils life will throw at her? Where is the haya?

Staring out the window

7 things Pemra can ban after 'controversial' content
7 things Pemra can ban after ‘controversial’ content

Why look outside the window or stare off into the distance when talking? What if you end up staring at someone? Immoral!

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