7 issues Pemra can ban after ‘controversial’ content material

7 things Pemra can ban after 'controversial' content

Pakistan Ele­ctronic Media Regu­la­tory Authority (Pemra) has suggested Pakistani channels to abstain from indecency in non-news content material.

The normally imprecise regulatory authority obtained particular this time round and requested channels to not air dramas containing controversial themes, indecent clo­factor and gestures, controversial plots (involving infidelity and extramarital affairs, and so forth) and pointless particulars of occasions.

They are saying “indecent scenes, dialogues, extramarital relations, violence, inappropriate dressing, rape scenes, mattress scenes, use of medicine and alcohol, and intimate moments between are being glamorised in utter disregard of Pakistani tradition and values” and are very distressing for viewers.

Whereas we’re completely with them on the entire pointless particulars bit, we do suppose there are extra urgent issues at hand that they may ban.

Let’s begin with these 7:

Ahad Raza Mir
Like hi there, the person is a thirst entice!

Picture: Daniyal Naqvi
You realize the place they arrive from, proper? Haw.

Do no mattress scenes imply we cannot be seeing these hideous sheets anymore both? Win-win!

Contact lenses
They are saying the eyes are the home windows to the soul. Y’all are closing the curtains on them!

Park Towers

7 issues Pemra can ban after ‘controversial’ content material

Ever discover how each drama makes use of Park Towers to point out a mall scene? Why have mall scenes anyway? Purchasing is giving in to temptation.

Working in sluggish movement

7 things Pemra can ban after 'controversial' content
7 issues Pemra can ban after ‘controversial’ content material

A lady operating in sluggish movement together with her dupatta flailing about is one thing that should cease. It is subliminal garden commercial.

Girls having fun with life7 things Pemra can ban after 'controversial' content

A lady is glad and never understanding the perils life will throw at her? The place is the haya?

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Staring out the window

7 things Pemra can ban after 'controversial' content
7 issues Pemra can ban after ‘controversial’ content material

Why look exterior the window or stare off into the gap when speaking? What if you find yourself observing somebody? Immoral!

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