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60 Girl Viral Video Link: YouTube, Telegram, and Reddit Leak 60 Girl Suicide Video

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Leaked 60 Girl Suicide Video: 60 Girl Viral Video

The viral video of female students taking a bath at a private university in Mohali has caused a stir. On campus, the students demonstrated against this. In order to detain the accused student, police have opened an investigation. Where exactly did the accused girl send the video of the female students taking a bath is now a mystery. What prompted you to learn about the video? Who is the boy that the student in question allegedly used to record videos of girls and send them? Let’s make an effort to discover the answers to these queries.

60 Girl video goes viral

The accused student was detained after filing an FIR in this case, according to Mohali SSP Vivek Soni. Even though the police have a sufficient amount of evidence, more needs to be collected. Furthermore, the SSP revealed that the accused student had previously produced and sent this video to a person in Shimla. Additionally, we are looking into this situation and attempting to determine the reason the videos were sent there. A police team has traveled to Shimla in an effort to find the boy who posted the video on social media.

Twitter has 60 videos of suicides by girls.

A friend in Shimla received the video of the female students taking a bath from the accused student. These videos were published on social media by him. After the video went viral, the commotion began. They all pursue an MBA, including the female students whose videos gained popularity. For a while, the alleged victim’s friend received videos that the student was accused of making. It was shared on social media by him. The commotion started when a student viewed this video on social media.

Reddit Video of 60 Girls’ Suicide

The hostel warden questioned the accused student after learning about the incident, and she admitted that she had sent the videos to a boy. She claimed that the boy is unknown to her. The girl refused to explain how she is related to the boy and who he is, despite the warden asking her several times. The student was questioned about how long she had been recording this video, but she gave no response. She insisted repeatedly that I had made a mistake and would not do it in the future.

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